Future eclipses

Sun in Houses of the Birth Chart




Sun in 1st House

With the Sun’s energy in the  FIRST HOUSE , your personality drive will find expression mainly through personal issues related to self-image, physical appearance and personal interests. You are required to acquire knowledge of self in order to sustain a true sense of identity, purpose and destiny. Strong will-power and self-assurance add strength to your personality. Very brave, positive and competitive, you develop natural leadership qualities. Your enterprising nature, with a capability for seizing opportunities is another factor for success and obstacles are overcome by sheer physical courage. You are to become self-determined and self-sufficient, carving your own path in life. Your enthusiasm for life may manifest as robust health and vitality. There may be some tendency to pride and insolence at times.

Sun in 2nd House

With the SUN,s energy in the Second House, your personality drive will mainly be directed into the creation of personal wealth, with an emphasis on financial security. A strong desire for material possessions is a dominant motivating factor in your life. You are very sensible with money and unless very careless, should always be comfortable.

Sun in 3rd House

With the Sun’s energy in the Third House, your personality drive is directed mainly into intellectual pursuits and educational progress. Travel and communication of all kinds will appeal to you. This position requires that you to expend much energy in understanding and adapting to your immediate environment. Friends, neighbors, co-workers, brothers and sisters will play an important role in your life.

Sun in 4th House

With the Sun in the Fourth House, your personality drive will find expression mainly in family, home, land, and property concerns. Security is your main preoccupation, and this will be sought and fought for to ensure complete self-reliance. Thus, your later life should be less difficult than the early years. There may be an inheritance of some kind through your parents. Inner experiences will also be important to you, because security and self reliance require personality integration at the psychological level – a very difficult task and completed only after much blood, sweat and tears.

Sun in 5th House

With the Sun’s energy in the Fifth House, your personality drive may express itself through adventurous and perhaps speculative ventures. An inner restlessness craves an outlet through social, romantic, and daring action. Pleasure and amusement play an important role in your search for freedom of self-expression. The love motive may also be strong. The overriding need is for creative expression of your personal powers and abilities. This could be through leadership, art, sport, entertainment, New Age ventures, or the use of modern technology. In this search you will cover a lot of ground and a wide range of interests. Children may play an important role in some way.

Sun in 6th House

With the Sun’s energy in the Sixth House, your vital forces may be drawn into some form of service that will bring deep personal satisfaction. Hard work and challenging situations are certainly indicated, probably within the work environment itself. You seek perfection and distinction in your work, and this quality could bring you well paid responsible positions. Crisis situations will develop, but you meet these with steady determination. The Sun in this house also indicates a need to overcome some weakness. Often this relates to health matters.

Sun in 7th House

With the Sun’s energy in the Seventh House, your personality drive will express itself mainly through marriage, friendships, and other social relationships. Social status is your important goal. Therefore, interpersonal relationships will demand a great deal of your energies. You may even find your real life-purpose by associating with others in partnership or social intercourse. This position of the Sun will draw out the very best of your character, to ensure that you fulfill your personal obligations.

Sun in 8th House

The Sun in the Eighth House may bring financial benefit through marriage. Much of your life’s energy will be applied to joint financial ventures or possibly a profession dealing with the management of other people’s money or banking . The use of power is highlighted in some way; this will be generated and applied within your close social relationships. Some gain through inheritance is likely. There may also be a strong desire to study philosophical, metaphysical, or occult subjects. Will power and financial ability are accentuated.

Sun in 9th House

With the Sun in the Ninth House, much of your energy will be applied to foreign affairs, further education, long-distance travel, and the advancement of social status. The basic drive is for understanding and self-expansion. The desire to study religion, philosophy, and mysticism is also stressed because the inner urge is toward discovering the meaning of life and all events. Dreams should be watched and studied. With this placing there is a danger you may lose contact at times with everyday affairs. There is a love of the foreign and exotic.

Sun in 10th House

With the Sun in the Tenth House, much of your energy will be applied to vocational achievement, professional success, leadership, social power, and prestige. Public life is all important and the desire for social recognition and financial success is strong. You are likely to rise to a position of responsibility, power, and authority, but not without a lot of hard work and frustration on the way. You will meet with many challenges and difficult situations within your professional environment.

Sun in 11th House

With the Sun’s energy in the Eleventh House, your personality drive will express itself mainly through friendships and group activities, perhaps in social or cultural reform, or as a manager of a social institution. You are advised to develop a cultured and refined personality.

Sun in 12th House

With the Sun in the Twelfth House, your energy will mainly be applied to personal and private affairs. This may give you a shy, reserved, introspective disposition. There is a tendency to seek a secluded, peaceful, quiet life-style. The real drive is one of coming to terms with the subconscious mind and achieving mental and emotional well-being. Subjects such as mysticism, psychic research and depth psychology will appeal. A desire for useful service to the community may be fulfilled through work in hospitals, churches, or institutions of learning, professions such as psychology; art and literature are other possibilities. At some stage of your life, you may have to overcome some form of physiological, social, or psychological crisis