Future eclipses


Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Your Predictions






 You undergo a process of reflection and change, facing honest questions about the role of dating, flirtatious love, and children will play in your life now and in the future. In the sign of care and caring, these are questions that speak close to the heart. It will be difficult to relax enough to allow the flirtation needed for new love to blossom. Instead, there is a serious attitude towards the lightest moments, as single Cancers size up those they casually interact with for their long term potential. In our modern world, Cancers who are currently without children have the option of considering whether or not they want kids, with many surprising transformations that arise out of a more realistic perspective. If you decide you do want kids, regardless of your age, you’ll approach the prospect with a nod towards being well educated and trained for the role. You’ll have conversations, seek advice, and where appropriate, consult specialists. Those with Children start taking their role as a parent more seriously. Partnerships will be transformed or ended, with a positive feeling all around, as the decision about whether or not to have children together changes the future prospects of a bond. Whether they are your kids or someone else’s, it is children that bring forward the most important learning now. Cancers will also start taking their creativity and projects more seriously, considering them a baby of a different kind. Investing time and energy in your passions ensures your creative babies grow healthy and strong.