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Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Your Predictions





 You want to get your finances together, get your debts under control, or otherwise make sure you have the resources you need to fund your goals and dreams. The great thing about this time is, the money you need has a way of miraculously showing up, but it is truly for what you need and what you’re meant to do, not necessarily for what you want. You might have to jump through hoops on loan, grant, insurance, or benefit applications, but keep the faith. Again, finances do have a way of coming through, even with delays and a need to pay attention to details. This can be a time blessed in another sense, when you become serious about the change you wish to experience and take action to move towards it. There is an understanding of what needs to come to a natural closure, especially where it comes to habits and patterns that get in the way of your goals and career aims. Life offers encouragement to see the hidden dynamics honestly, not through the lens of your fears, lending to a greater self-honesty. In relationships, you might only be interested in those bonds that reach deep within you, but might find yourself wary of going too fast. Intimacy isn’t just physical during this time, but emotional and mental closeness with others becomes important to you.