Future eclipses


Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Your Predictions






 Your relationship with your siblings asks for more of your attention. As the dynamics change, you come to understand your influence on them differently than you had before. You may end up being responsible for a sibling, or have to take on an increased new found parental or mentorship role. In some way, you are a guide. It will be your job to treat the role with gentle reverence, and not give into the tendency to direct another’s life. Your neighborhood will go through a change, and chances are, a new neighbor will not go unnoticed. A favored neighbor might also leave, but the people who live around you hold a stable quality and are likely to be around for a while. There might be an adjustment period, as you get used to the changes in observing routines, but you find your new rhythm. You do spend more time in and around your own town, with the possibility of short, nearby trips that help you more than you anticipated, opening up learning and realizations. You might feel inclined to undertake a writing project, or sign an agreement that allows you to write more often. You will likely find that there are countless edits to be made, as you see your ability and the need for refinement in a new way. Through the process, you will learn to express yourself more effectively within the rules. Those interested in a program of education might find the need to focus on skills training, as you become a frequent participant in short courses and workshops.