Future eclipses


Libra ( September 23 – October 22)

Your Predictions






 Saturn leaves your sign, giving you an instant lift, as you feel the heavy burden of each moment lighten considerably. After a moment of exhale, you turn your attention to your finances. The positive thing about this cycle is that as long as you are willing to work, the money to meet your needs will be there. While the money will be there, that doesn’t mean you won’t at times be worried about money or feel like you have to work especially hard for it. This is one example of where faith, in yourself and in your ability to work on your own behalf, helps calm the fear and keeps you moving forward. With Saturn, the willingness to work will certainly be there! Consider this cycle as a journey. If you are in a job that is not the right one for you, doing something that isn’t more closely aligned with a purpose of calling, you’ll find changes come swiftly from the start. Slowly, you’ll find yourself in a variety of situations, all in the pursuit of finances, that expose you to information, learning, and self-knowledge. It is towards the end of this three year cycle that you will find yourself in a new profession; one that feels just right and in line with your talents and interests. Those Libras who are in a rewarding position will find an increase in responsibilities. You’ll work hard for the money, and insist on being treated right. Where you are not, you’ll move on to better pastures. Through the work, you come to define yourself as capable, and will earn more than money. You’ll also earn a belief in a kind Universe that will provide as long as you do your part.