Future eclipses


Astrology is a science of studying the psychology of planets.

Each and every planet like human beings has a specific & defined behavior on the basis of its nature,
character & temperament. Infact a human adopts his nature, character, temperament from the planet that he
is ruled by. One needs to just study the behavior of planets in order to give accurate predictions.

Like a human life and human traits each and every planet has their own houses, friends & enemies. They
feel comfortable in their own houses or in their friends house but not in their enemies house. Like we know
each & every planet revolves around the sun & each of them have their specific duration of rotations &
revolutions, during their rotations coincidently but naturally they come in conjunction with other planets which
might be their friends or mite be their enemies. Hence naturally, when a planet meets his/her friendly planet
their behavior is good, harmonious, benefic & prosperous in various ways depending on their nature & the
environment that they are in at that particular moment. So taking vice versa into consideration when a planet
meets its enemy planet but naturally they would either react against each other or not react at all or the
weaker one might get suppressed depending on the circumstances. This in simple terms means that the
effect on the native depends on the nature of planet, its strength & its conjunction with other planets.

There are 12 houses owned by the nine planets in a birth chart. Each & every house has a caretaker known
as “rashi’s or star signs”. Depending on the positioning of rashi’s we can recognize which house belongs to
which planet. Since there are 12 houses there have to be 12 rashi’s.

Each & every native is born at a particular time & under a particular planetary position & that determines
each & every aspect of the native like his nature, temperament, luck, career, marriage, future & all various
other aspects.

The benefic or malefic effect of the planet depends on its position & strength at the time of birth.

If the planets are weak their effect is slow or less & vice versa, irrespective of benefic or malefic.

On the basis of being negative we provide remedial measure to those planets in form of donations on
specific days, mantra japa, Astro gemstones, Rudraksha beads, yantras & so on….

This is just a brief summary on astrology & its remedies. The science is deeper than the ocean & as one
goes deeper he shall keep learning the unexpected.




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