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Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Your Predictions





 Your health comes into focus, as you set about making small but significant changes to the way you live your life each day. There is a renewed interest in taking the best care of you, especially when it is a statement to express your own love and approval for yourself. You get honest about your habits and how they help or hinder your overall feeling of well-being. Those of your sign who might have been experiencing health challenges will meet the perfect experts who offer lasting relief, especially through 2013. There are likely to be changes to your routines, at first they are likely self-initiated, from deciding to go to another coffee shop each day to stepping outside for a “breathing break”, you’re making big, empowering changes. As a result of these inner changes, you will also find your relationship to service people and those whom you employ go through an adjustment, as you find new ways to express what you need. Choosing experience over enthusiasm will lead you to true experts, from who you learn much and change significantly. Work does become a more serious place, as you understand success isn’t about what you achieve. When you commit to the process, you embrace being prepared for bigger and better to come.