Future eclipses


Palm Tree

Palm trees seen in your dreams, are messages of hopeful situations and happiness of high order.


To see your parents looking cheerful while dreaming, denotes harmony and pleasant associates.


To dream of walking through a park, denotes enjoyable leisure. If you walk with your lover, then you will be happily married to him/her.


The image of a party in a dream should be seen as referring to the dreamer’s relationship to his fellowmen. The events at the party often show complications and situations of conflict involving the dreamer and the world around him.


Dreaming of a peacock denotes that there lies below the flashing and brilliant ebb and flow of the stream of pleasures and riches, the slums of sorrow and failure which threaten to mix with its clearness at the least disturbing influence.


To dream of pearls is a forerunner of good business and trade and affairs of social nature.


These dream images should be seen as indicating that the dreamer should accept whatever is persecuting him. These are elements of the unconscious which are penetrating the conscious.


To dream of going on a picnic foreshadows success and real enjoyment. It brings undivided happiness to the young.


The pig stands for potency in the sense of a creative force.


Dreaming of pigeons indicates domestic peace and pleasure-giving children.


To dream of a pistol indicates bad fortunes generally.

Plane Crash

A crash in an airplane dream can indicate that the dreamer has become too remote from the realities of life and is going to come down to earth with a bump.


If you are poisoned in your dream, it denotes that some painful influence will immediately reach you.


A policeman personifies that function within the dreamer which regulates and orders things. A traffic policeman in a dream gives guidance in how to adapt to a family or social situation in the world around the dreamer.


To dream that you are very poor is signficant of worry and losses.

Post Office

To dream of a post office is a sign of unpleasant tidings and ill-luck in general.


In a dream, the pot usually indicates an unconscious element.


For a woman to dream that she is pregnant, denotes that she will be unhappy with her husband, and her children would be unattractive.


With dreams which take place in a prison or dreams of being a prisoner, the psyche is indicating being imprisoned by mental images of the consciousness which, as a rule, do not coincide with reality.


Prostitute in a dream should be regarded as aspects of the dreamer’s own personality.The prostitute symbolizes spiritual impoverishment and emotional indifference. This can refer either to the marital partner or to an attitude toward fellowman.