Future eclipses

North Node in Houses of the Birth Chart







North Node in 1st House

Self-expression and leadership qualities are to be developed with the Moons North Node in the First House. Your self-identity will be found in efforts to become independent, free of reliance on other people and social groups. You will eventually grow in confidence, and with the power of self-determination achieve success through your own creative efforts.

North Node in 2nd House

Personal integrity and a more refined personality are to be developed – anti-social traits, abuse of sexual energy, and desire for social power will eventually be outgrown. A more stable, peaceful and less aggressive lifestyle eventually becomes more desirable to you. Personal ambition is to be achieved through your own individual effort.

North Node in 3rd House

Mental and communicative abilities within a social framework need to be developed. Your love of independence and freedom will eventually give way to a more responsible, mature, well-educated, and adaptable personality.

North Node in 4th House

Emotional and spiritual growth is required – you will come to realise that worldly accomplishment and material success do not bring true happiness. Eventually your greatest desire will be for full maturity through inner integration and emotional well-being. Home life will be important to you.

North Node in 5th House

Inner strength and self-discipline need to be developed – possibly through long periods of physical, mental or emotional isolation. Once this is achieved success comes from individual creative effort and the exercise of strong will-power. Happiness and well-being come from using your powers for others.

North Node in 6th House

There is a need to overcome emotional, confused and over-tolerant behaviour patterns that dissipate life energy. Eventually you will develop the ability to see clearly the issues of life without being deceived or emotionally swayed by others. Confidence and correct thinking will enable you to overcome any physical or mental weakness. Happiness comes from using innate healing ability for others.

North Node in 7th House

There is a need to develop social awareness through close interpersonal relationships. Marriage/non-marriage may be an important feature. Your egocentric, individualist and loner approach to life will eventually change. The needs of others will be understood and accepted. Self-identity is found through co-operation and adaptation to social issues. Happiness is attained through the warmth of human relationships.

North Node in 8th House

There is a need to transform totally your personality – possibly through unexpected events and sudden changes. Aggressive, secretive, anti-social or adventurous sex traits are to be slowly outgrown, and eventually, a new birth of purpose leads you to a more constructive view of the world and society. Powers of self-control and discipline are used to change life circumstances. Success is achieved through a fully transformed, individual and self-motivated personality.

North Node in 9th House

There is a need for higher knowledge and a more expansive way of life. A light-hearted, mainly superficial attitude to events will eventually change into a genuine interest for investigating more profound issues – such as philosophy, religion, science and fringe metaphysical subjects. Travel may also be a feature.

North Node in 10th House

There is a need for maturity, responsibility and worldly accomplishment. Early emotional or environmental conditioning, family pressure, social disharmony, and immature attitudes are slowly to be overcome. Through hard work you become a responsible and respected member of the community.

North Node in 11th House

There is a need to develop a sense of social purpose through friendship, groups and clubs. Selfishness, vanity, self-pride, and sexual adventurism are to be slowly outgrown. A basically good person your interests should broaden to include more stimulating group concerns. Creative talents should be used for the benefit of others. There is a marked ability for dealing with children that should be developed.

North Node in 12th House

There is a need for seclusion and self-evaluation – circumstances should eventually guide you away from the too-material, worldly aspects of life. The inner structure of your being may be changed by direct contact with the more profound, unconscious, spiritual realities of existence.