Future eclipses


Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Your Predictions






 Finding a world view that speaks to who you have become rather than how you have been trained is part of your new task now. It is very likely that you will become intrigued with a new system of philosophy or belief, introduced to you by a friend or by opening up to a whole new group of people. Where you have been using a religion or world-view as an escape, the Universe will ask you to get clear about just what you’re getting out of holding on to outmoded beliefs. Where you have taken on a value structure to please another, the motivation will peter out, and you’ll have to examine just where you stand in light of the person you are now becoming. Even the most blasé Pisceans will surprise themselves with a newfound fervent political drive. It might need to be indulged before you can acknowledge there is a lot of room for opinion, but no one can state the facts on very much, especially where it comes to political leanings. This is a phase that will ask you to explore, whether that is new ideas, new values, or new places. Travel is especially likely now, as you sense your greatest learning will come about when you are in foreign lands far from home. Higher education is especially likely now, as it is an institute set up for your growth and learning. Taking a philosophy course, a language class, or go to a service of a religion you know little about. These are all activities that will open you to experiences that help you formulate who you are now and what it is you believe.