Future eclipses


Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

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 No matter what your relationship status is, or the state of your partnership just before this trend begins, the way you understand love, partnership, what you expect from a partner, and what you are expected to give begins to go through a needed, extended period of honesty. Singles are likely to find suitors are plentiful. It is important not to stay with someone out of fear. The point is to be honest about how and why you make the choices you do. Because this is such an important lesson, there will always be another there to help you learn it. Those attached will re-examine their choice, making sure it is what they want. Alternatively, it might just be work or other external circumstances that lead to trails of dedication. With Pluto speaking well within the first year of this cycle, chances are excellent that whether you are single or attached, you will like the changes your partnerships go through. You make decisions about love that feel empowering and right. The alterations you make are largely self-directed, based on an easy understanding of what love asks and joy is following the path.