Future eclipses


Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Your Predictions






 Your friendships go through an alteration, as you examine your bonds more closely. Decide which ones hold long term potential, and who might have changed more than can be healed. However, there will certainly be times when it isn’t about what someone has done wrong, or not done, or even about how much you have grown beyond them. There will be many occasions where you are asked to accept that others are moving on, entering a new phase of life, and your relationship must evolve along with it. That might just mean spending less time together as you develop separate interests. New friendships that come up will ask for more work than you might be used to giving. You can see the value of the bonds, but might have to trust that the right alliances happen naturally and in their own time. Saturn is your ruling planet, making his moves especially important for you. Your desire to be paid for the achievement of goals, and not simply for punching a pay card or showing up each day, will have you taking new chances and pursuing more rewarding projects. You commit to a path that involves not just the achievement of career aims, but moves you closer to the highest aims and most optimistic vision of your life. It might be hard to believe that wishes can come true, especially in moments when you feel yourself toiling away with not much more than faith in your heart. However, it is the process that is molding you to step up to higher levels than you knew before. There might be compromise and a need to settle slightly at times, but you do move towards your highest hopes with undeniable surety and a sense of accomplishment.