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Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Your Predictions





 You are approaching an important phase, but it might be hard to pinpoint just why it matters. That’s really ok, as it is largely your unconscious that is taking over and doing the heavy lifting. It is likely that you will be made aware of some of the previously unconscious habits that have sabotaged your best efforts. The awareness in itself puts power in your hands. Many of your answers will be found in more ephemeral realms. Not everyone will understand and not everyone should be in on it, but as you explore the possibility of a new spiritual practice, you’ll find fated connections to help you along the journey. It might be hard to sit still in meditative moments, and when you do, you might find yourself obsessing over matters that simply need space to resolve them. Your better bets involve some practice that engages your attention and possibly includes rituals that give you something to do. In love, there is a need to be especially careful and make your choices wisely. You will likely find yourself driven towards others, having immediate reactions that are hard to explain. If you strive to stay aware of your process, you’ll discover a lot about why you make the choices you do. The opportunity is that you will come to understand what drives you, in a process to make choices with clearer intentions. You’ll also come to see the best spiritual practices are those that are cultivated over a period of time and grounded in a tradition you respect.