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Basics of Moleosophy

A moles means a permanent small dark spot on the human body” as defined in the English dictionary.Moles are found on many parts of the body and can be of honey colour ,red,black and sometimes wheatish and pale in colour.

It is nature’s creation and has definite meaning .Since ancient days moles are used as indenfication marks. The ancient civilisations considered moles as significations of fate,and shoed the presonality of a person.

In Samketa Nidhi,Slokas ii-25, iv-16 and vi-5 clearly indicate that moles have difinite effects. The study of moles is an ancient art of astrology and is called “Moleosophy”

The moles reveal our nature and destiny; they have a story to tell about our previous birth and present birth. They also reveal important aspects of our lives. The Science of Moles deserves propagation for the benefit of humanity. One can avert a misfortune by being warned by the effectos of moles on one’s body.

In astrology, each Zodiac sign dominates a particular part of the body as summarised below:

1. Aries : Head
2. Taurus : Face, Neck, Throat, Right Eye and Nose.
3. Gemini : Arms, Shoulders, Right Ear, Upper Ribs and Right Hand
4. Cancer : Chest, Breast, Stomach Elbow Jointsm and lungs.
5. Leo : Heart , Liver, Belly and Back
6. Virgo : Kidney, Abdomen and Anus.
7. Libra : Private parts Uterus and Lumbar Region.
8. Scorpio : Testicles, Groins and Scrotum.
9. Sagittarious : Thighs, Legs and Hips.
10. Capricorn : Knees, Nails and Knee Cap.
11. Aquarius : Legs, Ankle, Left Ear and Teeth.
12. Pisces : Feet, Left Eye and Toes.

The moles on defferent body parts indicates the Zodiac sign by which the person is being dominated. Moles are found by birth. But it is observed the moles appear also durintg one’s life time. They disappear, change their size or colour which indicate change of fortune. A raised mole is called a ‘Wart’, it can be of any colour and is a good sign subject to its placemnent.

The efficts of moles hanve many a times been verified and found correct.

The moles are also related to palmistry. Sometimes moles are hereditary

The significance of moles differs between males and females. Generally, the moles are considered to give auspicious results in males if they are found on the right side and for females on the left side.

In case of moles, the following points are of interest to note:

1. If the number of moles on the right side of the boldy are more than on the left side they are auspicious and denote more of male children whereas daughters will be more, if more moles are found on the lefts of the body.
2. Less than twelve moles on the body are benefic.
3. Moles on the right side of the boldy are auspicious.
If and individual has moles close together, he will have two serious love affairs or may be married twice.

When two moles exactly balance each other, such as moles on both knees, both cheeks etc.they indicate a person of dual nature.In almost every case, the person will be under the influenced of the dual signs of Pisces an Gemini, etc

It may be true that all spots on the body need not be moles and may not be necessary to expect that every to expect that every mole should signify a particular fact or character.

Shape and Size of Moles

There are ten types of moles based on their shape as shown below:

1. Spots
2. Long and narrow
3. Long and big
4. Oblique
5. Big and irregular
6. Square
7. Triangular
8. Hairy
(i) Thin long hair
(ii) Thick short hair
9. Wart
10. Round and big

The significance and influence of moles of different sizes and shape vary in their intensity or power.It has to be studeid with reference to their colours also, placement on body part to find the final results of moles. So the moles are judged as per their location, size , shape and colour.

1. Small spots sometimes give negligible results.
2. Long and narrow and long and big moles are auspicious.
3. Oblique moles give moderate results.
4. Big and irregular moles are inauspicious.
5. Square moles averts evils at the last minute.
6. Triangular moles have mixed results.
7. Thin, long, hairy moles foretell of wealth and fame.Thick, short, hairy
moles are an indication of poverty, unhappiness.
8. Wart increases the strength and effects of moles.
9. Round and big moles enhance the influence fo good or bad.

Colour of Moles

There are six types of moles based on their colours.

1. Honey (brown)
2. Emerald green
3. Green
4. Red
5. Light brown
6. Black

Black moles are very common.
Honey or brown moles are very auspicious.
Emerald green coloured moles are auspicious.
Red-coloured moles are very auspicious.
Light brown moles are auspicious but of negligible extent.
Black moles are inauspicious.