Future eclipses



To find yourself in a green valley foretells improvements in business and happiness in love life. If the valley is barren then illness and vexations follow.


Vampires and bats in a dream should be seen as spiritual matters which have not been resolved, but suppressed in the unconscious.


To dream of vegetables means strange luck. You shall be successful for sometime.


IThe veil can signify the dangers implicit in forcibly removing the veil of mystery surrounding a situation.


To dream that you are the victim of any scheme means that you will be oppressed by your enemies. Family relations shall also strain.


To dream that you have got victory foretells that you shall successfully wrestle all your enemies.


To dream of a village implies that you will enjoy good health and lots of fortune.


To dream of a vineyard foretells that you are in for favorable speculations and happy love life.


To dream of violence denotes that you will be overcome by your enemies.


The violin and the cello in dreams are popularly thought to resemble the female body, because the indentation in the middle of the violin provokes comparison with the female waist.


If a woman sees herself as a virgin in a dream, it is an indication that , in real life, men are rejected or feared by her.


To dream of a volcano means that you will be in violent disputes which threaten your reputation and honesty.


The vulture is a danger signal in a dream in as much as, in its symbolic capacity, indicates being lost in a world of one’s own. This manifests itself in problems in making social contact.