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Mounts have a special significance in the study of palms because different lines are formed and developed due to mounts. Mounts have been named after the planets and the special features of the planets are revealed in the corresponding mounts. It has been found that the planet which is more prominent in the horoscope is also prominent in the palm. The different types of mounts are:

The Mount of Jupiter

This is situated at the base of the index finger and above the Mount of Mars. It represents god power, leadership, organisation and authority. The Mount of Jupiter is said to be very helpful in life and moves the person towards progress.

If the Mount of Jupiter is well developed and prominent, then such a person is said to possess godly qualities. Such persons try to save their self-respect. They are learned and are always prepared to help others. They don’t get disturbed under difficult conditions. All the Justices of High courts and high authorities are found to have well-developed Mount of Jupiter. They have the quality to change the public in their favor and are also mostly religious-minded.

If the Mount is less prominent or under -developed then there is a genreal deficiency of the above qualities of the person.Physically such persons are of ordinary body, healthy and have smiling faces. They are experts in delivering lectures.They are kind at heart. They are more inclined towars attainment of respect and good reputation rather than wealth. They have a soft corner for the opposite sex.

If the Mount is developed more than necessary then such a person is found to be selfish, proud and self-willed.

If the Mount is absent in a person, then there is want of self-respect in him. They get very little patronage from their parents. They are found in the company of lower-class people always.

The Mount of Saturn

This Mount has its base at the root of the finger of Saturn. The development of this Mount on the palm is indicative of extra-ordinary tendencies.

If the Mount is fully developed then the person is highly fortunate and rises very high in life with his own efforts. But such a person likes to remain aloof and constantly moves towards his goal. He gets totally engrossed in his work, that he neglects his family. By nature they are irritating and suspicious.Persons with prominent Mount of Saturn are Wizards, Engineers, Scientists, Literary men or Chemists.

If this Mount is very much developed, then the person commits suicide in his life. This Mount is prominenet in the hands of dacoits, cheats and robbers. The mount in such cases are yellowish or pale.

If there are more than necessary lines on the Mount then such a person is a coward and very licentious.

If the Mount is missing in the palm, then such a person’s life has no importance. But he might get a special kind of success or respect in life. If the Mount is protruded ordinarily then the person has more than necesary faith in fate and shall succeed in his plans. Such persons have very few friends.

The Mount of Sun or Apollo

The Mount of Sun is situated at the base of the finger of Apollo and on the upper part of the heartline.This Mount is indicative of the success of the individual.

With the prominence of this Mount, the man becomes a genius and famous. A person reaches a very high status in life if the mount is well-developed and pink in color. Such persons are of cheerful nature and work in close co-operation with friends. Such persons are successful as Artists, Expert Musicians and Painters. They are inborn genius. They are honest in their delaings and are completely materialistic. Very well developed Mount indicates self-confidence, gentlemanness, kindness and grandeur.

If the Mount is not prominent then the person would be intersted in beauty. But he would not be able to succeed in this field.

If the Mount is developed more than necessary then such a person would be very proud and a flatterer. He would be having friends from the lower sections. They are extravagant and quarrelsome and never succeed in life.

If the Mount is absent, then the person leads a very ordinary life. He would be a dull-minded and foolish fellow.

The Mount of Mercury

The prominenet part on the base of the finger of Mercury is called the Mount of Mercury. This Mount shows matrialistic prosperity and afflunce. But much importance is not attached to this Mount of late.

Persons with greatly developed Mount are clever and crafty and are adept in cheating. If the Mount is ordinarily developed and has a square mark on it then such a person would be a criminal of higher order. Such persons believe in breaking the law. Persons with prominent Mount are experts in Psychology and know how to influence others. They gain success in business.

If the Mount is very much protruded then such persons are after money and the main aim of their lives is to amass wealth.

If the Mount is absent in the palm of a person then the person passes his life in poverty. If the Mount is ordinarily prominent then he would be interested in inventions and scientific works.

The Mount of Venus

The spot beneath the second phalange of the thumb and surrounded by the age line is called the Mount of Venus. Only persons with prominenet Mount of Venus can only recognise the world properly and enjoy it.

Persons having this Mount of very high order are beautiful and civilized. They are vey healthy and are able fo influence others. They do not lack courage.

If the Mount is less prominent in a person’s hand then he would be a coward and weak-natured.

Persons with very prominent Mount of Venus are licentious and always covet for the opposite sex. Such a person would be brilliant and handsome.Others are attracted to them. They suffer from diseases of the throat. They do not have any faith in God.

If the Mount is absent in one’s hand then he lives the life of an ascetic and has no interest in family life. The person’s life would be full of troubles and miseries.

The Mount of Mars

There are two Mars on the palm. They are known as Progressive Mars and Regressive Mars. The Surrounded portion beneath the starting point of the Lifeline and above the Mount of Venus is called the Mount of Mars. Bascially, this Mount is indicative of war. A man becomes corageous, fearless and frank by the presence of the Mount of Mars.

Persons with prominent Mount of Mars are courageous, fearless and powerful. They are neither cowards nor can be subdued. They have a firmness and a balance in life.

If the Mount turns out to be very rpominent then the person would be a villain, tyrant and a criminal. He would be the first in all anti-social activities.

If the Mount of Mars is quite developed and the palm is reddish in color then the person shall reach greater heights in life. He gets complete success in life.

If a cross sign is found on the Mount of Mars then the person shall meet his death in war or while fighting with others. If a zig-zag line is found then the person is likely to die in an accident.

A perosn can be considered as a coward if the Mount of Mars is absent in his palm.

The Mount of Luna or the Mount of Moon

The mount of Moon is formed on the palm on the left of the lifeline and below the bracelet, also below the area of Neptune where it joins the life line. The presence of the Mount of Moon on a palm makes a man imaginative, a lover of beauty and very emotional.

Persons with fully developed Mount of Moon are lovers of nature and beauty. They remain in the dream world. There is no lack of imagination in ther lives. Such persons are high class Artists, Musicians and Men of Letters. They are full of religious ideas.

If the Mount is fairly developed then the person is imaginative and makes castles in the air. He makes many plans but none of them are completed , some not even started. They are too emotional.

Persons not having the Mount of Moon are hard-hearted and fully materialistic. They have fighting as their main trait.

If zig-zag lines are found on this Mount then the person shall go on voyages several times in life. If a circle is found on the Mount, then such a person shall go to foreign countires for political reasons.

If this Mount is more than developed, then that person is found to be fickle-minded, suspicious or mad. He suffers from headache all the time.