Future eclipses



To dream of a wall obstructing your path, denotes you will fall for ill-favored influences and lose your hold.


A situation of war in a dream indicates a clash of unconscious elements of the dreamer’s personality or problems from the past which have not been overcome.


To dream of washing yourself implies that you take pride in the number of connections you have.


To dream of wasps means that enemies shall scourge and vilify you.


Water is vitally necessary for any kind of life on this earth. It is a symbol of psychic energy in a dream.


To dream of waves signals that you hold some vital step in contemplation which will evolve much knowledge.


Weapons like machine guns or other firearms are signals of over dominant aggressive tendencies. In dreams these weapons are seen as sexual symbols..


A wedding in a dream is an indication that the tie or bond means sacrificing independence. The nature of the dream sacrifice, however, rarely refers to reality but much more to the dreamer’s own fears.

Wedding Ring

To dream of a wedding ring suggests that you would be shielded from cares and infedelity.


To dream of weeping implies ill -tidings and disturbances in the family.


To dream that you are wet denotes that a possible pleasure may involve you in loss and disease.


To dream of wheels foretells that you would be thrifty and energetic in your business and be successful in domestic affairs as well.


To dream of a widow denotes that you will have many troubles through malicious people.


To dream of ones wife denotes unsettled affairs and discord in the home.


To dream of a window foretells an augury of fateful culmination to bright hopes. Most of your wishes go unaccomplished.


To dream of a winter is a signal of ill-health and unfavorable prospects with fortune.


In a dream, the witch appears as a negative mother-symbol. She embodies the bewitching, threatening and destructive aspects of womanhood.


To dream of a wolf shows that you have a thieving person in your employ who is on the prowl to betray you.