Future eclipses

Part of Fortune in Houses of the Birth Chart







Part of Fortune in 1st House

Part of Fortune in the First House suggests that your greatest success will come by developing independence and self-sufficiency – meeting life experience with individual initiative and not being dependent on the views of others.

Part of Fortune in 2nd House

Suggests that you need to discover what is of real value to you. Money and the things it will buy are of extreme importance, but only insofar as how your possessions reflect true value. You can be extremely lucky with money if it truly reflects a sincere value. Eventually you will develop an ability to see what is personally meaningful and necessary.

Part of Fortune in 3rd House

You will have the ability to meet the obstacles found within your immediate environment and deal effectively with them. Developing the ability to think clearly is what will bring your greatest fortune.

Part of Fortune in 4th House

The feeling for home and roots will be strong. Happiness will come through building an emotional foundation strong enough to support future growth. This position gives the possibility of finding fulfilment in a broader way through identification with a social, professional or national whole.

Part of Fortune in 5th House

Success usually comes from the growth of creative abilities, or in a will to power. Great joy comes from being deeply and intensely involved in all that you are able to create. With this placing you must be very discriminating with your choice of friends.

Part of Fortune in 6th House

Happiness may be found in work, self-improvement and self-discipline. You will be at your best during times of crisis because of an ability to take the correct action. Great joy will come from developing your natural abilities and using them constructively in whatever field of work or service you may be involved.

Part of Fortune in 7th House

Happiness is found in important human relationships that give a sense of direction and meaning to life. With this placing, luck and good fortune usually come through other people.

Part of Fortune in 8th House

Happiness will come through your ability for financial management, especially other people s financial affairs – such as banking, contractual agreements, business, marriage, etc. Luck and good fortune will be bestowed on you by other people.

Part of Fortune in 9th House

Happiness will come from a search for truth and the deep study of such subjects as sociology, psychology, religion and metaphysical law. There is also a possibility of distant travels.

Part of Fortune in 10th House

You will seek happiness through accomplishment and in fulfilling a constructive role in society.

Part of Fortune in 11th House

You may have the urge to be a reformer or pioneer of new social, cultural or spiritual values. Happiness will come from contact with bright, intelligent people or friends who stimulate your imagination with inspired ideas and noble concepts.

Part of Fortune in 12th House

You may find happiness in accepting and thus transforming or dissolving your Karma to complete a cycle of experience. The achievements of this cycle may become the seeds or foundation of a new cycle. In an ‘occult’ sense, you may even find it possible to reach ‘personal immortality’, so that what you are as a formed mind is able to survive the disintegration of the physical body. You will find great happiness and joy through periods of solitude for meditation and attunement with your inner self.