Future eclipses


Taurus (April 20 – May 20)


Your Predictions 2014









Stars predict a large amount of traveling this week, particularly on romantic vacations. You will be all set, to leave those Monday morning blues behind and concentrate on romance, adventure and socializing. You will enjoy yourself after a long time. However, your ambition may occupy a large part of your mind. You will work hard and relentlessly towards your goal. This may create some tension in your personal life. Friends, acquaintances and loved ones may complain about your behavior. Do not be surprised if you are termed as a mercenary. You have to be more balanced in your outlook. Achieving success and doing it in a steady and conservative manner would be beneficial for you and will keep your popularity intact. After all, Piscesians are normally  extroverts in nature and social status and acceptance is important to you. So act accordingly