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The Impact of Rahu and Saturn in Libra per Moon Sign 2013

Rahu-Saturn in Libra Astrological Analysis:


Saturn and Rahu are together in Libra, this arrangement in a chart shows one is cursed by their ancestors. But what does that mean for you? It means you can remove ancestor curses that go back many generations from your family tree. The summer months should be fine but the critical month is September, when the exact conjunction takes place and the tension will be at it’s peak. The close conjunction of Rahu and Saturn will take place during the month of Navaratri, this is a remedy by itself. Also the aspect of Jupiter is still considered a benefic for this combination and will reduce negative outcomes.

The conjunctions occur at 15 degrees Libra in the Swati constellation. Several negative world events are possible:

    • More unnatural deaths among the people
    • Calamities and famine around the world will be in the news
    • Wide-spread fear of infections or unknown diseases
    • Rise in prices could create worry among people
    • Eminent political leader could be overthrown sometimes violently

On the positive side we are likely to see:

      • Harmony from neighboring countries will prevail
      • New revolution in political system
      • New financial reforms
      • Truly new inventions are possible
      • Plus deeper spiritual inclination and divine experiences


Rahu in an Airy sign (Libra) and receiving the aspect of Mars is always a threat. The World Trade Centre was destroyed on 9/11, when Rahu was in the Air sign, Gemini and receiving the aspect of MARS and Jupiter was along with Rahu at that time. This year Jupiter is in Gemini and Rahu in Libra both in the same direction and in airy sign and Rahu receives the aspect of Mars. This shows more possibility for terrorist activity. Also air accidents or even war could break between nations.

This is all due to debilitated Mars 4th house aspect onto Saturn and Rahu in Libra. Plus Mars is exactly in the centre of Rahu Ketu axis. This causes Mars to have a more of malefic influence to male partners. A simple remedy is for women to give gifts to their brothers, as this will reduce the Mars affliction.

In conclusion, the exact conjunction day, September 25th, 2013 IST falls on a Wednesday when Mercury transits into Libra, which increases the possibility for earthquakes to be triggered. People in politics and leaders in general need to take more care during this period. Women, stock market and commodity traders should also be cautious.

The last time both Saturn and Rahu were in Libra was 1864-1865 about 150 years ago. While the United States did abolish slavery, it took a Civil War and the loss of President Abraham Lincoln. The Great Injustice of Slavery was destroyed and freedom brought for many.

The Impact of Rahu and Saturn in Libra per Moon Sign

Moon Sign Favorable Unfavorable Remedies
Aries You will be more exposed towards tasks in career that will give you happiness and responsibilities. You may be busy with your works. You may gain support from your friends or subordinates. Expenses related to health may be possible for your close partner and there may be less harmony in relationship. You may face some struggles and obstacles in all walks of life. Participate in Saturn and Rahu Fire Labs
Taurus Growth in career will be progressive. You will be provided with new chances at your work front and this will give you immense satisfaction. It is like more valor and strength added to your repertoire. Health problems are seen and there is a need for you to take better care of your health by taking appropriate measures. Having a strict diet control will be good for you. Perform Poojas to Lord Rahu on Tuesday
Gemini Gains by speculation will be possible. There are chances for profits that you can expect during this course of time. Tendency to fall in love is possible and it may shape up in relationship. You may possess concern over the progress of your children and their development. You need to be careful in taking some major decisions. Mind stress will be possible. Participate in Fire Labs for Goddess Durga
Cancer Purchasing property will be good at this time and will promote your interests. You will concentrate more on relationship matters. There are chances for favorable support that you can receive from your close friends. There may be health issues for you and this may prevent you from fulfilling your tasks. You need to be cool and patient in dealing with your activities. Domestic problems in home front will be possible. Perform Fire Lab for Lord Rahu
Leo Courage and valor will be possible for you and determination will be the key focus that will make you shine well in your endeavors. More travel will be possible and positive changes with respect to career will be there. Promotion in the form of elevation will be present. Mutual adjustment is essential in personal relationship. A give and take policy is essential for better understanding. There is a need for you to shun out more individuality and be co-operative. Light Lamp to Rahu
Virgo Children’s progress will give you more satisfaction. Gaining from external sources and speculative trends will be possible during this period. Your efforts will pave way for success. Financial loss may be present and there is a need for managing your resources as expenses may soar. Be focused on your communication as chances for lapses may be present. Perform Pooja to Lord Saturn and Rahu
Libra Purchasing property is on the cards. More happiness by the blessings of divine forces is seen. Children’s progress will give happiness and they will be a pride source of happiness for you. There may be health constraints for you. Medical expenses may be high. Disruptions and troubles in relationship will be possible and this may be due to egoistic tendency. Perform Fire Lab to Lord Saturn and Rahu
Scorpio You will be able to gain some better money from foreign sources. Travel related to career will be possible and this will make you busy. There may be chances for gaining finances through loans, insurance etc. Your patience will be tested at your job front. More responsibilities will make you undergo stress. There are chances for some official enquiry with respect to your job. Expenses will be on the rising side. Perform Pooja for Lord Saturn
Sagittarius You will be able to cherish and be happy with your feelings. All your efforts will gain upper hand. A plethora of opportunities will exist for you related to career prospects. Major decisions will yield flexible results. Money prospects will be profitable for you. You may sometimes possess confusion in taking decisions. Money flow may be insufficient for you. Health constraints may be present. Exceeding expectations with respect to finances may give you dampening effects. Perform Pooja to Lord Saturn
Capricorn Career consciousness will be more during this period. More tasks are seen. Chances of traveling abroad are seen. You will try to be more prudent and honest in your attempts. Try to carry out your work successfully. Chances for indirect opposition from your sub-ordinates with respect to your profession may be possible. Your integrity may be questioned by your superiors and you may not be able to secure the expected recognition in your career. Light Lamp to Lord Rahu
Aquarius Support from your elders will be possible. Money flow will be better. You will be able to gain recognition from your superiors at work front. Travel may fetch you benefits. Fortunes may be a little delayed that you were expecting with respect to job. It will be essential for you to maintain better relationship with sub-ordinates at work front to avoid uneasiness. Light Lamp to Lord Rahu
Pisces Unexpected gains are possible through insurance, lottery etc. Hard work will provide you the essential results. Health care is needed and more concentration is required. Pursuing yoga or any divine tools will help you to maintain robust health. You may need to be more practical and professional. Perform Fire Lab to Goddess Durga