Future eclipses


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Your Predictions






 When Saturn enters your own sign, get ready for a phase that you will look back as one of those defining times. How you are defined will depend largely on you. You are going to be asked to take absolute ownership for your own happiness. That means that you will recognize what you can change, and will take responsibility to move yourself towards who you wish to be. Where you can’t or are not ready to make change, the best strategy is to be kind to yourself and practice acceptance, of all you are and where you are at this point in your life. The Universe will not let you get away with anything now, so it is imperative to behave with the absolute highest ethics. Despite your signs inclination towards secrets, you know in your heart which ones you keep because they are special and which ones fall in other categories. Those are the ones that will be harder to keep under wraps. Be honorable and impeccable with your words and deeds, and you’ll be taken on a journey of valued change, grounded inspiration, and increased self-respect well earned by rising to increased responsibilities. Start with acceptance and a strong sense of ethics, and build from there.