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Signature is like a snapshot of your personality. Do you know when you sign your name in a personal or professional communication; unknowingly you disclose much more about yourself, than you want to.

The way you write your letters small or large, dark or light, curved or angled, it gives a great insight into your character and your innermost thoughts. Writing reveals a lot about your temperament and nature. The way you sign your name represents about your personality traits enormously.

Signature is considered as an image, the writer wants to show to the outer world. It acts as a writer’s calling card and is a means by which the writer wants the world to see him/her.

Personality traits like honesty, communication abilities, creativity, emotional stability and self image can easily be determined just by analyzing a signature. Social skills, shyness, outgoing nature, confidence level and goal setting abilities can be identified by the way you write the letters when you sign.

Signature Analysis is based on seven components which are

1 Size of the Signature

2 Slant of the Signature

3 Use and Size of the first name and the last name

4 Underlining in the signature

5 Size of the first letter of the signature

6 Loops or backward strokes in the signature

7 Use of Dots in the signature

Here are some answers to the most common questions related to Signature Analysis

The signature is illegible, what does it mean?

A signature is illegible when the people have a great difficulty in reading the name. An illegible signature tells that the writer has a desire to be seen but he/she does not prefer to be noticed or known. The writer loves to keep things in private and desires to keep his/her true identity unknown. An illegible signature also means that the writer seems to be in hurry. A person who has to sign plenty of time in a day often signs in a rush, and does not care about the signature legibility. Therefore it is important to combine other traits of the handwriting to do the right analysis.

What is the significance of your Signature Underline?

A simple straight line under the signature reveals that the writer is self reliant and believes in following rules and traditions blindly. When the underline is showy and a bit curly, it shows that the writer loves to seek attention and generally has an attention grabbing behavior. A zig zag line under the signature reveals the trait of uncertainty in the writer’s behavior. The longer the zig zag line, the unsure the writer is about his/her ability. Going back and forth by using a zig zag line under the signature brings out the confused attitude of the writer in terms of “yes I can ” and “perhaps I can’t”. A wavy or smile shaped underline is a strong indication about writers humorous behavior.

The signature is completely different when compared to usual writing, what does it mean?

A signature which is completely different from the usual writing of the writer shows that the writer does not desire to disclose everything about him/her. When the signature is unlike the rest of the writers writing it shows that the writer wants to hide some aspects of his personality, and therefore he/she creates a new “identity” by creating the signature with a totally different look.

What does the Size of the Signature indicate?

The size of the signature mainly points out the writer’s wish to be noticed. If a signature is extremely large as compared to the handwriting it shows that the writer craves to be noticed, and is very bold and confident. Large bold signature typically indicates “notice me”! Medium sized signature shows the desire of the writer to just fit in. Smaller size signature indicates less of a desire, or extremely no desire to be noticed.

The I – Dot in the signature , what all information it reveals?

If you have an I – Dot in your signature it can reveal a lot about you. A drawn or a creative i-dot shows that you love to stand out as being different. A small, straight line used as an i-dot reveals that the writer is restless in his behavior and possibly seems to be always in a hurry. If a writer completely ignores to dot the i –dot, it shows that the writer does not heed to details and finds it very difficult to follow minute details.

An i-dot which is long and continues as a lead stroke touching the next letter reveals that the writer is creative and intelligent. An i-dot which is placed meticulously and carefully right close to the top of the lower case i, shows that the writer loves to follow the details minutely. When the I – dot is placed much higher and far from the i, it reveals that the writer is ambitious in nature.

Now you know few tricks to do signature analysis. So what are you waiting for get set to analyze the signature of your boyfriend/ girlfriend, family members, friends, colleagues or your favorite teacher. Simply take a pen and paper and take the signatures of people around you, its time to practice and show off your new talent.

Most of all take a good look at your own signature and find out what does your signature reveals about you?